• Digital Samay is in the business of providing best Digital Marketing Solutions to the clients so that they can build profitable associations with their clients.


  • Our goal is to pioneers in the Digital Marketing field by providing innovative and creative ideas and provides our clients with the quality Digital Solutions along with proficiency and professionalism.


  • We have an Innovative, Creative, information base and a framework has driven way to deal with our work. And these are the characteristics of our organization which help us to stand us apart from our competitors.


  • In our quest for professionalism and excellence, we have designed and built up a Quality Management System that has an organized and planned approach to deliver high quality of services. This framework is keenly observed at all stages and assessed for continual improvement, thus delivering our clients better value for their money.


  • Every single key process in our business is detailed and documented. Our team knows and understands what their clients expect and how they should communicate with them. Our working is precise and open to examination. We monitor all necessities and redesign them to adjust ourselves to changing client’s expectations.


  • The company management undertakes to meet the requirements of ISO, also maintain and improve the effective quality management system of the whole company, which will be in accordance with internationally recognized standards.


  • In this way, prescribed will provide our clients, services which will be proper quality checked, error-free and in prescribed time limit. So that it can exceed our client’s expectations.


Our Quality Management System (QMS) originated from our Quality Policy and vision. Our Team is driven by the organization vision and is focused on living this vision through our customer experience and association.

The basis of our Quality Management System – Digital Samay has received the ISO standard structure for building up its Quality Management System. The ISO standard advances the selection of a “procedure approach” while creating, executing and enhancing the effectiveness of the organization’s QMS to improve consumer loyalty by meeting client requirements. At Digital Samay, the procedure approach helps us underline the significance of –

Understanding and meeting our client’s requirement

  • Considering the value addition from every individual procedure which is a part of our framework

Object measurement of our procedures and continual improvement for sustainable improvement

  • At Digital Samay all the procedures used have been properly documented. These procedures are robust yet dynamic – open to change for development. We have conveyed and keep on bringing value to our clients, due to the strength and consistency of our procedures and services.


  • At Digital Samay, we attain sustainable improvement by continuously reviewing of our Service Objectives, Internal Audits, and Corrective Action activities. Digital Samay Quality Management System is transparent and subject to external audits by the internationally acclaimed body.

As a premier provider of Digital Marketing Solutions, Digital Samay observed the following advantages in implementing a Quality Management System –

  • Procedure oriented approach which enables clients and their customers get a consistent delivery of high-quality services, which is essential for building customer loyalty.


  • Helping us to set the benchmarks constantly for service standards for all the Digital Marketing Solutions that we provide globally


  • Teams that fully understand the value of quality in whatever services they provide to the clients.