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Lead Generation, helping your brand grow while also growing the credibility for your business by showing actual results.

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Lead Generation Can help you Grow your Business

Lead Generation is the process of attracting people to your business by making them naturally interested in your product or service. Our strategy in place will help you turn strangers into paying customers. Increase your revenue and grow your business by 

Increase in your
Conversion Rate

Digital Samay helps you to increase your conversion rates that helping your business gain huge profits.

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Increase Your
Brand Awareness

Our experts work to increase your brand awareness, reach their target market, and ultimately drive sales and profit.

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Helping your brand grow while also growing the credibility for your business by showing actual results.

Step 1

Define Campaign Objectives

Step 2

Identify Right Influencers

Step 3

Create Amazing Content

Step 4

Launch Influencer Campaign

Inbound lead generation Company In India

We use inbound lead generation to create content and campaigns that target the audience on your website and convert them into close deals to get the targeted audience. Digital Samay- Best Lead Generation Company In Haryana, Delhi, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Mumbai makes your brand awareness online, on search engines and social media platforms by using valuable content to engaging the audience that open-ended conversation can be achieved.

Our skilful experts are placing out a track of information and purposes that possibilities can follow in towards your brand and, hopefully, all the way to increase your Leads.

Our Inbound lead generation strategies leverage search engines and social media platforms to put prospects in contact with your content. Some of the tactics that can be considered include content marketing, blogging, SEO, lead nurturing, live chat/message, and to some extent, programmatic advertising.

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Outbond Lead Generation Marketing

Outbound lead generation Company In India

Our Outbound lead generation process sends or pushes messages out to a target audience, regardless of whether they have asked for your services or expressed an interest in your services. In Our scenario, you, not the prospect, chose the time and place of the interaction – hence the term ‘interruption marketing.

Digital Samay uses some tactics that can analyse typically outbound, in B2B marketing at least, include mass email, cold calling, display advertising and direct mail.
Our outbound tactics require a paid delivery mechanism, which adds to the cost of running any campaign. This adds the risk and, as a result, tends to influence the campaign towards selling rather than helping or educating.
The primary approach of our outbound marketing relies on the brand starting the conversation with its audience. With the right strategies, this approach allows us to reach and interact with decision-making prospects actively.
The strategies used for outbound marketing are more extended, as the same message is sent out through all available sounds.

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Online Lead Generation Company In India

It is the actual appearance of Online Marketing, which refers to increasing the interest of a possible customer by providing them with information about your products or services. Our Online strategies are developing an interest in audiences so much so that they can contacts you for more information and possibly even end up buying it. 


Our experts skills help you ultimately leads to a possible customer transforming into a regular customer down the line. So having our lead generation strategy is essential for you and your business.


Digital Samay provides the best lead generation services in India and understands the value of your money, so we ensure that you get the desired leads for your business. We provide a customized solution for your brand to get maximum results to grow your brand.

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B2B Lead Generation Marketing in India

B2B Lead Generation Company In India

Digital Samay B2B lead generation strategies identify the ideal consumers for your product or service and attract them to purchase. It is an imperative activity for B2B sales and selling organisations services. In our fundamental to the success of a business, we have identified numerous factors that illustrate the value of B2B lead generation for brand and selling organisations terms and the more voluminous business. In our B2B lead generation tactics, B2B leads is the term given to those people who have identified as dormant customers for your business. They can characterize as those who would likely find value from using your product or service.

Why Digital Samay as your Lead Generation Agency in India

Our specialized expertise team delivers high-quality Lead Generation Service in Panipat that can be helpful for any type or size of business and both B2C and B2B spaces.

Generate Brand Awareness

Our Campaigns helps to increase your brand awareness on social media platforms.

Increase Sales and Profit Ratio

To make your brand more valuable and increase your sales, we have many strategies.

Target Desired Customers

Our experts help you to target the desired audience that are actually interested in your business services.

Accurately Measure All Results

We deliver the actual report of our  Campaigns to our clients.

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What makes Digital Samay Unique?

Our main motive is to help your brand grow while also growing the credibility of your business by showing actual results.

Generate a Consistent Lead Pipeline

We help you organize, track, and make sure they keep following up with leads to land your business's sales.

Optimize and Obtain Better Conversion Rates

We improve your conversions so you can get more customers. We are going to give you our best ways to improve conversion rates. Perform these tactics to boost your conversion rates by reducing dispute and optimizing your sales.

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Choose from our range of services that suit your business and impact in bringing better results.

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