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Refer a Scholar

Sharing has never been this exciting. You’ve been telling your friends about us. Now do it with a reward. When your friend signs up for Digital Samay Programme, you and every friend that enrolls will be rewarded.


How does it work?

Whether you’re a recent Digital Samay graduate or were part of Digital Samay years ago, you’re part of the Digital Samay family. Any Digital Samay alumni can share their personal referral code with their friends, family, and acquaintances to avail referral benefits.

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Share your personal referral code with your friends which needs to be applied while filling in the application form

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Both referee & referral will receive the reward

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Terms & Conditions

A referral is valid only on the Advance Digital Marketing Programmes.

The referrer will get a Cash INR 1500 per referral.

Digital Samay Alumni can refer as many students but can claim benefit for up to 5 students/year.

Alumni means a Digital Samay graduate who has completed a 6-month program in Digital Marketing.

Referral reward cash will be issued within 30 days after the admission confirmation.

A detailed email with creatives and your referral code will be sent to you once you sign up for the referral program.

If the registrant has applied for a scholarship and the scholarship has been granted, in that case, no referral benefits will apply to the student. The referrer will still get the cash benefit.

The referee will get a fee waiver of INR 3000.

Failure to mention REFERRAL CODE will result in no referral benefits to both parties.

The referral reward will be issued to both the referrer and referee once the admission is confirmed by paying the registration fee.

Benefits to both the parties will be given only if the referee has mentioned REFERRAL CODE in the Admission Form while enrolling for the course.

The Digital Samay admissions representative will do a proper audit of the referral before issuing the reward.

If the student withdraws from the course, will deduct the referral amount from the actual refund amount.