Importance of Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing, also known as Online marketing, uses electronic devices to promote brands to connect with customers both existing and potential,  using the Internet and other forms of communication. It consists of Email, Social Media and Web-based Advertising. In addition, text and Multimedia messages are also a part of Digital Marketing.

Whereas, Traditional Marketing uses mediums like newspapers and magazines. It’s the medium that is different through which an audience receives our marketing message.

It’s no secret that activities through the Internet has advanced, and the business approach has shifted. The people are more connected now, and the new marketing techniques have transformed how various businesses promote and sell their products and services.

But why Digital Marketing, one might ask? Why is it important?

If you’d look around more closely, you’ll find out how we are always connected through our mobiles, laptops, and tablets. There are so many people you can easily reach just with a click of a button. Social Media platforms have built a vast community where a person can turn into a potential audience to conduct business if done correctly.

In recent years, the Global Internet user numbers have only gone up, and this trend will continue for many more years. Therefore, it seems to be the right time to use Digital Marketing to bring many opportunities and growth.

 To know its importance, we also need to look at the various types of Digital Marketing available.

This allows a person to know which particular form of Digital Marketing is suitable for their business.

Social Media Marketing:-

Social Media Marketing involves using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. This is where businesses promote their brands by creating content for their users and also use it as a medium to communicate with new and existing customers. 


Search engine optimisation or SEO is the process of increasing the website ranking and site traffic by tweaking the quantity and quality of the content. The high your Website Rank’s on the search engines, the higher the chances of an increase in your brand value.


It’s a marketing strategy where an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. It is a common practice to drive traffic to your business website.

Content Marketing:-

 It is a marketing strategy focused on creating and distributing valuable content to the audience online. The main goal is to create value for the consumer and is not concentrated on pitching sales. Instead, it focuses on attracting customers with the help of content.

Email Marketing:- 

Email Marketing involves sending personalised commercial messages to a group of people. It is one of the more influential and oldest forms of digital marketing with the highest ROI.

Video Marketing:- 

Videos and clips are an excellent way to increase engagement and also very helpful in promoting your brand or a product. Video Marketing can be used in many different ways, including product videos, user testimonials or sharing your stories. 



Digital Marketing is much more cost-effective than the traditional form of marketing. Let’s see, for example, boosting a post on Facebook or Instagram is less costly than the printing of flyers.

Not only that, it is much faster than the latter. As a result, small and medium-sized firms can now compete with the more significant businesses as it is much more affordable.


There are over 4.3 billion internet users globally; presently, roughly half of the overall world population is connected digitally in different ways. Therefore, the online market is the best place to give your product the exposure it needs.

When people hear about you, they do research and having an online presence is essential then.

Mobile Access

It caters to the billions of mobile users worldwide. Most of the research is done on mobile, and not to mention that social media is used a lot more on these devices. Users are connected 24/7 and most of their time online. Businesses can target these online users.

Use of Multimedia

Digital Marketing uses a combination of different media types, including video, clips, images and sounds. These multimedia materials make content makes more attractive and appealing, which results in better engagement.

Higher Revenue/ROI

Digital Marketing has a much better Return on Investment (ROI) as compared to Traditional Marketing. Higher ROI and conversion rate mean higher revenue. Not to mention the cost reduction when you have to spend less also adds up.


Communicating with your audience is one thing, but one can also track their activities and formulate strategies according to those activities performed by the target audience. For example, we can monitor the ads and type of content which led to the conversion. It helps which of your methods are most effective and efficient.

In conclusion, Digital Marketing plays an important part in the survival of the business in current times. Therefore, it is beneficial to adopt practices that are helpful such as this, if you aim to continue growing, as it will provide the exposure to your brand to bring it to new heights.

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